"To a moment that no one has ever seen" (Japanese: 誰も見たことがない、その一瞬へ) Edit

The anime of DIVE!! is set to air in July 6, 2017.

The opening theme song is "Taiyou mo Hitoribocchi (太陽もひとりぼっち)" by Qyoto

The ending theme song is "NEW WORLD" by Yuuta Hashimoto. (Twitter: @yuta_hashimoto)

Opening and Ending Themes English Subbed:

Staff Edit

Director: Kaoru Suzuki

Studio: ZERO-G

Character Design: Suzuhito Yasuda (Twitter: @suzupin)

Screenplay: Touko Machida (Twitter: @sakuribo)

Music: Yuuki Hayashi (Twitter: @hayayu1231)

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