Hiroya Sakai
Kanji 坂井弘也
Romaji Sakai Hiroya
Nickname Hiro
General Information
Country Japan
Gender Male
Birthday March
Age 13-14
Family Megumi Sakai (mother)

Hisashi Sakai (father)

Tomoki Sakai (brother)

Anime Episode 1
Character Voice
Japanese Ryouhei Kimura
Live Action Junya Ikeda
Image Gallery
Hiroya Sakai (Japanese: 坂井弘也, Sakai Hiroya) is the younger brother of Tomoki Sakai.

Background Edit

Though 11 months younger than his brother, they are in the same year of middle school and they are mean to each other often.

Appearance Edit

He has black hair and dark blue eyes.

Personality Edit

Plot Edit

Relationships Edit

Miu Nomura - His crush, Now his girlfriend.

Quotes Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Hiroya likes river fishing.

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