Kayoko Asaki
Kanji 麻木夏陽子
Romaji Asaki Kayoko
General Information
Country Japan
Gender Female
Age 24
Family Shinnosuke Mizuki (grandfather, deceased)
Anime Episode 1
Character Voice
Japanese Kaori Nazuka
Live Action Asaka Seto
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Kayoko Asaki (Japanese: 麻木夏陽子, Asaki Kayoko) is the new coach of the Mizuki Diving Club.

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Kayoko lived in New York for eight years since she was six, where she became a promising junior diver. She graduated from high school in Japan, and returned to America for six years to study coaching in order to become a diving coach at the MDC. She wants her students to go the Tokyo Olympics and as a result trains her students very hard.

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She has an alluring figure with large breasts and long purple hair, as well as purple eyes, She wears a dark purple one-piece swimsuit with pink and blue designs on the sides.

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