Tomoki Sakai
Kanji 坂井知季
Romaji Sakai Tomoki
Nickname Tomo
General Information
Country Japan
Gender Male
Birthday April
Age 14
Family Hisashi Sakai (father)

Megumi Sakai (mother)
Hiroya Sakai (brother)

Coach Kayoko Asaki
Anime Episode 1
Character Voice
Japanese Yuuki Kaji
Live Action Kento Hayashi

Iori Ashihara (child)

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Tomoki Sakai (Japanese: 坂井知季, Sakai Tomoki) is a diver of the Mizuki Diving Club featured in DIVE!!.

Background Edit

A second-year middle school student and member of the MDC. He started diving after being deeply impressed when he saw Youichi as a child and he is very inspired by Youichi. He does things at his own pace and truly loves diving, but in his heart hides a strong will, and he never gives up.

Appearance Edit

He has short black hair and diamond blue eyes. He wears blue swimming briefs when he's diving.

Personality Edit

Tomoki likes to do things at his own pace. He is said to have a strong will. He is diligent, persistent, and he has a good heart, and he always tries his best.

Plot Edit

Relationships Edit

Youichi Fujitani - The diver Tomoki looks up to. They met 6 years ago, and Youichi's skills inspired Tomoki to begin diving.

Miu Nomura - Tomoki's ex -girlfriend. She confessed to him in their first year of middle school and they dated for a short while. She still likes him and some people still think they're dating but that isn´t true. Tomoki sometimes didn´t want to talk to her because he still doesn't know why he said yes to her.

Quotes Edit

"On that one summer day, I was shown this concrete dragon, and became addicted to the fear and excitement of this world of wind and water."

"The boy who climbed to the top of the tallest dragon was like a hero who vanquished a monster in my eyes."

Trivia Edit

  • He has a dog named Chikuwa. Tomoki's brother Hiroya found Chikuwa 6 years ago. He was named after the Chikuwa he likes to eat.
  • Tomoki is double jointed, making him extremely flexible.
  • Tomoki's special ability are the "Diamond Eyes," the ability to recognize objects in great detail while moving at high speeds.